7 Good Reasons Why You Should Buy an Electric Bike

7 Good Reasons Why You Should Buy an Electric Bike

Why you should buy an Electric bike

You are probably wondering if you should buy an Electric bike or not. Well in this article I will give you some reasons to buy an Electric bicycle.

The electric bike market developed in recent years, to become one of the most competitive markets with too many companies trying to build the best e-bikes for their customers.

Let’s begin with a quick definition of the electric bike


The Electric bike looks exactly like any basic bicycle with pedals, but just with one more thing; a small electric motor, which helps the bike to ride it selfs without using pedals. Most electric bikes can go with a speed of 20mph and the distance vary from a bike to another depending on the battery.

the battery can be charged by taking it off the bike and charge it using its charging tool kit.

One single charge with relaxed pedaling can take you for most electric bikes between 20 to 50 miles. it can even be more than 50 miles depending on your size, the wind, and the battery capacity.


1- E-bikes can save your money

You can pick a new and high-quality Electric bike from as little as $700, and it can save your money from gas (petrol) for your car and insurance which usually costs a lot.

2 – Electric bikes can help you go faster and longer

Electric bikes can give you the same benefits as any regular bicycle, and because you have one more extension, you can use it to go further, longer and faster with almost 20mph and more depending on your e-bike’s motor and battery.

3 – Electric Bikes make you riding more

According to a recent study from the Transport Research Laboratory, 54% of regular and basic bicycle owners go out with their bikes less than 25 times a year, and 46% are using it once or twice a week. link of study

But when we look at E-bike owners, 30% of them are using it as a daily transportation medium, and 70% use it between 1 to 3 times a week. which means that Electric bikes help people to get out likely more than regular bicycles.

4 – Electric Bikes are safer than Regular bikes

Road bike accidents mostly take place at junctions. this is because when you want to accelerate it takes you 5 to 10 second to avoid the accident, and this duration is very long if we compare it to E-bikes, which only needs 1-2 seconds to accelerate enough.

The motor helps a lot to take you off the danger zone by accelerating faster, and that is a very good advantage to help you avoid cars.

Having an E-bike will make you more respectful to traffic lights because you know that you can speed up without using pedals. and you will likely more often slow down your speed at corners and junctions without thinking to use pedals to speed up again.

And because you can keep up with the flow of the traffic, most cars will not try to overtake your position, which means that you will have a safer ride.

5 – E-bikes are great for hills

Climbs and Hills are a nightmare for every cyclist especially after a long work day, because of the energy it takes to push the pedal, but with electric bikes, the motor will take over the hill and make it as easy as a flat surface and you will never be afraid of climbing using your bike.

6 – E-bikes are great for winds

Electric bikes have that advantage that every cyclist wants to have in his regular bike, “the motor”. It helps you a lot to go in the opposite direction of the wind without using pedals and burn your energy.

7 – Electric bikes will help you Explore more places and have fun

Having an electric bike will make you less lazy to go out and explore the world. You will be more likely to go to places you never been there to change your mood and have some fun in your free time.


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