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Top 10 Electric Bikes for Everyday Urban Traveling (2019 Reviews)

Electric bikes have become more popular in the last few years, and a lot of people are using it instead of cars. In this article, we’ve selected a list of the best electric bikes you can have in 2019. Whether you want an electric road bike or an electric mountain bike or even a cheap…
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Radmini Electric Bike review

RadMini Electric Bike Full Review (Best Mini Bike or Just Hype)

The Radmini Electric Bike is a high-Quality bicycle, with a seat and bound made of leather and it’s not for everyone, because of its price $1500 (check the current price on Amazon). It has a powerful motor with 750 watts and a lithium-ion battery (high-quality battery using Samsung cells) rated for 800 charge cycles. The…
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Stark Electric Bike Review

$399 Stark Electric Bike Review – Cheap But Great!

Stark is a Swedish electric bike company, offers cheap e-bikes starting from $299, this price can not even buy you a battery from other electric bike companies I know (you can replace your battery for most overpriced e-bikes for $500 or more). So is stark company legit? do they offer a good quality electric bikes?…
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Bafang BBS02 Review
Ancheer Electric Bike Review

Ancheer Electric Bike Full Review | Pros and Cons

You probably know people who pay between $4000 and $2000 for an Electric bike, then when they want to sell it, they can’t because of its price, and it’s gonna be very hard to find a guy who wants to buy it used and overpriced. Well, Ancheer has the solution to that. it’s an Electric…
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