$399 Stark Electric Bike Review – Cheap But Great!

$399 Stark Electric Bike Review – Cheap But Great!

Stark Electric Bike Review

Stark is a Swedish electric bike company, offers cheap e-bikes starting from $299, this price can not even buy you a battery from other electric bike companies I know (you can replace your battery for most overpriced e-bikes for $500 or more).

So is stark company legit? do they offer a good quality electric bikes? and more importantly, what to expect before buying a stark drive e-bike?

The company says that the e-bike doesn’t need a lot of power, it can go for 25 miles per charge in pedal assist mode. and to answer the questions; the company is not a scam like other people claim, meanwhile you shouldn’t be expecting high-quality components and performance as expensive electric bikes do. but it can do the same job most e-bikes do and comparing all that to its price I give it 7.5 out of 10


Stark is a folding electric bike, which means that if you live in a small place like RVs or small apartment and the space is an issue for you, this e-bike will not be a problem at all. You can also put it in your car if you need to.

stark electric bike folded

The Battery

If you look at the bike you will notice that the battery is not outside the frame like most electric bikes. In this e-bike, the battery is hidden inside the frame and the good thing is that it’s removable and you can charge it on and off the bike.

Stark e-bike battery

The capacity of the battery is 9Ah 36V, the estimated usage can vary between 20wh and 25wh per mile, and it’s expected to run out of juice after 15 miles (please note that these numbers can be a bit higher or lower depending on your weight, the wind and the power level you’re using), and the charging time can take from 2 to 4 hours.

The size

You can adjust the e-bike to fit your height. So if you’re tall or short, you’re not gonna face any problems while riding. Both the seat and the handlebar are adjustable, and as mentioned before, you can fold it and put it anywhere you want if you don’t have enough space.

Quality of Components

Stark electric bike is not gonna last many years if you use it daily, so I think you should be looking for other alternatives if you use bikes on a daily basis.

If you’re going to use this electric bike from time to time, then Stark is a good fit for you especially when you look at its price compared to the features you’ll get.

They are offering an e-bike for a cheap price, so they need to have some ways to decrease expenses.

Rear Shocks (this option is available for $50)

This will help you to ride off road, and enjoy the trails and it helps to keep your trip comfortable.

Cruise Control + Throttle (this option is available for $50)

This helps to set the speed of travel and keep going without needing to use the throttle or pedaling. Any pedal movement or touching the brakes will disable cruise. This also adds a throttle to the electric bike. The throttle allows you to use pure electric power without pedaling like a scooter.

Display (this option is available for $35)

This display shows your current speed, remaining power and distance traveled. If you want to have this display you need to upgrade to be able to de-restrict the maximum speed of the electric bike.

The Motor

The standard geared motor can be upgraded from 250W to 350W or even 500W if you want to improve hill performance and acceleration.

If you really want to buy this e-bike, I don’t recommend to upgrade the motor because it will cost you between $150 for the 350W and $400 for the 500W motor. and that’s gonna be a total price of some really good alternative electric bikes, check our TOP 10 Electric Bikes Review.


The shipping will not cost you anything and the delivery experience is not that great, and this is acceptable and understandable because of its price.

Should I buy this electric bike?

For me, I don’t really recommend to buy this e-bike, but if your budget is limited and you’re not gonna be using it every day and riding it in bad roads and conditions, Spark will be a good fit for you. And if you can buy a used electric bike, that’s gonna be better.


  • BRAND Stark Electric Bike
  • MODEL Folding Electric Bike
  • PRICE $399
  • WEIGHT 48lbs
  • MOTOR POWER 250 watts
  • MAX SPEED 15 mph
  • BRAKE Mechanical Disc Brake
  • CHARGING TIME 2 to 4 hours
  • FRAME Aluminum Alloy 6061
  • COLORS White & Matte Black

Stark Drive Electric Bike


  • Cheap and affordable price
  • Light weight
  • Removable hidden battery


  • Low Quality compenents
  • Weak motor
  • Expensive accessories

Stark Electric Bike


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